Know that natural fructose may help control blood sugar.

Sugar for years has been seen as the cause of obesity, say Canadian researchers. Fructose, which is natural sugar found in fruits and vegetables.
Recent studies have detected that natural sugar in fruits and vegetables is not "toxic" does not cause weight gain unlike any other carbohydrates when not consumed in excess, fructose does not affect blood pressure and even can help control blood sugar when it is normally consumed without excess. According to studies in which different sources of carbohydrates are compared.

Studies revealed the following:

Fructose had no significant effect on body weight according to an analysis of individuals with controlled diet. Excess calories from any type of carbohydrates contributes to weight gain.
Fructose had no adverse effect on blood pressure compared with other types of carbohydrate obtained in an analysis of 15 individuals.
10 grams of fructose per serving would help the glycemic control (control of blood sugar), obtained by analysis of six individuals.
According to recent studies warn about high fructose that are found in soft drinks (more than the average consumer) which increases the body weight control. However, weight gain is due if the extra calories consumed not only as such fructose.

The full study results appear in the journal British Medical Journal of Nutrition, the authors of these findings were Dr. John L. Sievenpiper, MD, Ph.D., Russel J. de Souza, ScD, RD, and David Jenkins, MD, Ph.D., St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Fructose is unpopular among the ingredients of some processed foods because it is known as corn syrup, high fructose, which is only 45% glucose and 55% fructose, Note that in previous studies, researchers concentrated in only fructose (natural) and not corn syrup high fructose.

The research was recently presented at the fact a controversial publication by Robert Lustig, MD, and colleagues in the journal Nature, the sugar described as "toxic".

Robert Lustig and his colleagues argue that sugar is "toxic", since it involves a "deadly effect" through the molecule of fructose from sucrose, but this in its arguments speak excess consumption of sugars and generally as such.

In the United States is encouraged consumption of fruits and vegetables, and consumption of products from these, knowing that fruits are the third source of fructose in the American diet.

Our studies and meta-analyzes indicate controlled feeding use of fructose are beneficial for metabolism or no side effects for weightloss.

Publication of Lustig was called as "correspondence" in the February 23 edition of the journal Nature in which they appear comments from other scientists. Some of these comments made called the "document review" Lustig and colleagues as "extreme", "ridiculous" and "sensational". They also noted that the document contained simplifications seeking to demonize sugar instead of addressing the complex factors (such as overeating and add sedentary lifestyle) that closely associated with obesity in a way that serves public health.

Some clinical nutritionists as Christiani Jeyakumar Henry, Ph.D., and Viren Ranawana, Ph.D., Institute of Singapore, described that "the contribution of sugar to chronic diseases is higher for developed countries that sends development "and it is more likely that excessive consumption of carbohydrates high glycemic index are the main cause of obesity and diabetes.

Fructose, unlike other sugars, glucose is low because it is metabolized differently.
The most common mistake that some people comment is calling fructose = glucose, since the former has a better metabolize glucose and other sugars. Glucose and other sugars that are metabolized differently way fructose.
Fructose does not stimulate insulin and is characteristically low glycemic index. For these reasons, it is often used in different applications of low glycemic index foods ( mostly similar to what is in the fruit amounts). Its stability and better perceived sweetness compared to other sugars, making it more favorable, leading to less use of sugar in general.

There's no magic formulas to Lose Weight!

 No magic ingredients or products on the market can  guarantee weight loss.

Some of the despair and problems  is exploited by unscrupulous persons, such as medical and host of "The Dr. Oz Show", Mehmet Oz. "Or the effect called Oz" who's taking advantage of hundreds of unsuspecting individuals, has carried scams to promote weight loss products online such as the method of "green coffee beans" and "raspberry ketone".

This news has gone around the world especially in the internet; Group Senate Consumer Protection always acting on behalf of consumers had to punish Dr. Oz to ensure that aid weight loss. Oz was reprimanded for using a "flowery language" without any evidence or scientific proof to sell what he called "magic cures for weight loss", "revolutionary fat busters" and etc ... On several occasions, Oz assured that these products were intended for consumers to lower their weight without any additional effort, without exercise or without changing eating habits.

This unfortunate situation caused many people who consume their products to disbelief in the statements of Dr. Oz and wasted their money and sometimes faith in loseing weight in a healthy way, since the benefits obtained were very few.

Fraudsters on the Internet and in any public medium are growing and using more effective tools to commit their crimes, that is why people who use these means should be aware and informed that magic or miracles do not exist, time to lose weight. Online you can find everything about different ailments and health benefits to miraculous weight loss programs. It is important to clarify one thing no ingredients / individual or magical weight loss products. Weight control takes time and does not happen overnight with magic formulas such as the Dr.Oz as a healthy diet requires essential changes in lifestyle and food for each person, which in turn leads to change eating and exercise habits.

One big difference with Isagenix is ​​the use of a complete system of products, combined with the momentum and encouragement of better eating and exercise habits, offering complete solutions for weight loss healthy and sustainable way without bouncing or side effects. Instead of being a fast, causing a crash diet, Isagenix products are designed to be integrated priority to a healthy lifestyle that fits easily in a pattern of  effective long-term weight loss. These products are backed by scientific evidence to be a serious system. In addition, measures of strict quality control are followed to ensure that products are safe and free from impurities

 The truth is that the Isagenix products can not promise or guarantee you miraculous results without any physical effort. The simple and obvious reality is that even with the convenience of Isagenix products, time and effort are an important part in this process; since they are involved in the reduction of calories. Besides practicing and increase physical activity to achieve weight loss results in a real and healthy way.

Overweight and Obese adults tend to Lack of Vitamins and Minerals.

Recent studies shows obese adults, and overweight have lower intakes of vitamins and minerals compared to those of normal weight.

 By comparing adults with normal weight, overweight, and obese is concluded, that the latter lack vitamins and minerals in their diets.

The publication of the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, researchers evaluated the total nutrient intake from food and supplements existing in more than 18,000 people participating in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey ("NHANES") 2001-2008. Individuals were classified by body weight, either as normal weight (body mass index [BMI] <25), overweight (BMI ≥25 to <30) or obese (BMI ≥30).

The researchers concluded that over 40% of adults tested had a lack of vitamins A, C, D, and E, plus missing significant calcium and magnesium. Furthermore, compared with normal weight adults, obese adults were missing least 12% of these nutrients.

"We concluded that obese adults compared with normal-weight adults have a lower intake of micro-nutrients and a higher prevalence of micro-nutrient deficiency," the study authors wrote.

Vitamins and minerals play an important role in the human body helps the proper functioning of metabolism, in addition to keeping the body healthy for development. It is known that the human body is unable to produce vitamins and minerals on its own, this is why these should be consumed from external sources such as dietary and supplementary. Today, health professionals recommend eating foods with calcium, vitamin D, potassium and fiber, and less sodium, processed sugar, and fat, this is to meet its goals of solid nutrients.

 Over time they have conducted numerous studies where the focus has been the lack of nutrients in different populations, few have evaluated the state of vitamins and minerals in adults with overweight and obese, compared with normal-weight adults. Importantly, more than half of the American population has overweight or obese and have a very high risk of developing cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and different types of Cancers.

 Body Supercharged, undernourished

Even when in a state of overfed, obese individuals tend to have low rates of micro-nutrient intake. People who have high lack of vitamins and minerals are known as unhealthy people individuals with obesity or chronic disease.

The authors of this study indicate that most of the time recommended in diets vitamins do not necessarily meet the needs of obese individuals may require a higher intake of essential nutrients, especially when under a change in their way of consuming foods and during weight loss.

Some researchers hypothesize that a notable lack of vitamins and minerals may be contributing to weight gain and the development of metabolic problems. These sub-optimal intakes in obese people can affect many body functions, including the immune system, leading to result in increased health risk. For example, deficient vitamin A can hamper the creation of fat cells, increase fat loss and regulate hormones, whose primary function is the regulation of body weight. However, lack of vitamin D and calcium can negatively influence the energy balance blood sugar and insulin response.

This new study shows that obese people suffer from nutrient deficiencies, which are not recommended exert a strong and strict diet with adequate nutritional support; because they could cause bodily imbalance and aggravate the situation. The study emphasizes that people with overweight problems should consume vitamins and minerals properly dosed with the help of a weight control program, this to ensure that the body is functioning efficiently and avoid the common mistake of nutritional insufficiency.

Meet the importance of electrolytes.

An electrolyte is a mineral that is in body fluids and having an electric charge. Often it is considered that the free electrolytes are sodium ions Na +, potassium K +, Ca2 +, phosphorus P3-, magnesium Mg2 +, etc. The ions have a small electric potential that characterizes and allows conduction of electrical current.

Many times when we sweat you lose more water as we lose vital electrolytes, this is why you must refuel after an intense workout or training.

Electrolytes such as sodium and potassium, is filled with minerals electrically transported through the blood and extracellular fluid. These normalize or organize body hydration, blood pressure, blood pH, replenishment of damaged tissue, and nerve and muscle function. The levels of these electrolytes are tightly controlled within a narrow concentration range by the kidneys and a variety of hormones.

While we know that all the electrolytes play an important role, should pay primary attention to the care of sodium and potassium levels to protect against muscle and neurological deficits that may obstruct performance.


The higher electrolyte concentration in sweat is sodium. A study of an elite football team during a training session of 90 minutes on average two grams of sodium lost through sweat is located. These sodium losses but are recovered with liquids, can alter mental and physical performance.

Sodium plays a key role in many important processes, including regulation of vital cellular charge balances. As a positively charged ion, sodium works in contrast with potassium to form the negatively charged cell membrane potential. The loading of the membrane potential driven units normal nerve and muscle function .

Sodium should be stable especially strong this training to prevent decompensation in blood pressure. When these sodium levels are low, the amount of extracellular fluid volume decreases resulting in less oxygen in the blood that occurs at a lower blood pressure, causing or tired (fatigue) or could be far worse depending on the downward sodium levels.


Potassium is also of utmost important for athletes because they regulate fluid balance and nutrients through cellular membranes, which affects muscle activity and neuron. If the body does not have enough potassium can cause weakness, muscle cramps, along with low power consumption is common.

Although potassium is not lost as much as sweat sodium, it is important to restore depleted stocks after a workout. Changes in the levels of potassium in the blood can be extremely dangerous. When potassium levels are well below normal, nerve impulses that cause the heart muscle to contract and suppress. Possibly leading to a dangerous irregular heartbeat or arrhythmia.

That's why sports drinks are a great tool to help rehydrate and repair the balance and electrolyte balance, especially in heavy workouts or some sporting event coming to cause heavy losses of body fluid and thus electrolytes. However many of these formulas contain popular consumer excess sugars and calories becoming an unhealthy choice for the athlete, in addition to mentioning between their ingredients infinities of artificial colors and flavors that make them harmful to health.

 In these days where the population is more concerned about their health are conscious athletes who have put aside these prefabricated formulas in laboratories rather than provide a good health could cause irreparable harm is why many athletes choose what natural is why some companies focused on selling natural products like ISAGENIX created that replenishes and provides electrolytes correctly metered amounts including sodium and potassium among its benefits includes vitamins B complex vitamins as well as other daily needs as vitamin C. Replenish also has a complex carbohydrate which facilitates digestion and body energy stores. It is an excellent fully healthy and proper drink offering replenishing lost sodium and potassium athletes also can be ingested by anyone.


Why shakes are good for weight loss?

Weight loss shakes are a great choice to lose pounds or to gain mass (muscle).  Often used in place of a meal. They are delicious, low fat and has the right nutrients that are deficient in a lot of foods that we eat today

The best type of shakes has whey protein unlike soy protein, whey has complete amino acids profile, which is important for weight loss or muscle building. If you are lactose intolerant the next best thing is hemp or pea protein, which also has your complete amino acids. 

Protein shakes

Given the demand of shakes I have started to investigate. Protein shakes are taken by athletes to recover muscle when it has been subjected to heavy stress after exercising. Proteins restore muscle glycogen and help repair muscle fibers.

After doing exercise, shakes are great to use to lose weight, because they are satisfying, low in calories, low fat, and feeds the muscle.
 Whey protein is composed not only proteins but also by amino acids that are essential for the development of muscles or weight loss. They are dozens of companies aware of the importance of shakes or smoothies and have created their own formulas for different needs, some use  artificial ingredients, others  as ISAGENIX  is all natural .

The most common protein shakes

  • Whey shakes,
  • Soymilk
  • Casein shakes.

Whey shakes are the most used since it is a complete protein, so you have all these advantages.
Complete proteins containing the nine amino acids necessary for human dietary needs.

In my personal experience I have managed to lose more than 80 pounds with a balanced diet,exercise routine, and smoothies or shakes (ISAGENIX) famous for its all natural ingredients that allow you to lose weight in a healthy way.

I may know why you can't lose weight or achieve a dream body ..

Importance of cleansing

Many diets are not successful for long term weight loss, because they are not designed to address impurities. The so called "rebound effect" is frustrating and unhealthy. Consider the following option for your health.

Traditional Dieting:

* The body stores fat to be protect itself from impurities.
* Smaller body means increased percentage of impurities.
* Body senses increased level of impurities and goes into emergency fat production - REBOUND.

"Rebound effect" or "yo-yo" is the name given to the fact happens when after a very low calorie diet or too extreme, the body loses several pounds very quickly, so that after a time finishing diet or reaching your ideal weight and introduce the usual food intake, the body recovers lost pounds and usually also may increase your prior weight up to 20%.

 An unbalanced or extreme diet that some nutrients are completely suppressed, or too few calories are consumed, produces a reaction in a body prepared for survival. It's like collecting food that people do in a "state of emergency".

So ...

What is the Best Way to lose weight without being exposed to the call REBOUND?


It does not mean going to the bathroom frequently. It's cleansing the bad toxins out of your body to make room for the right nutrients. This is the best route to reset the body and start burning fat. Cleansing diets, herbs and fasting programs may seem a modern health trend but societies have used natural purification methods to detoxify the body for hundreds of years. In fact many religions encourage people to fast as a means to cleanse both body and mind during their spiritual practices.

Toxic and contaminated food systems, air, water and the environment make cleansing more important than ever. The consequences of excessive pollution may be responsible for the deterioration of the immune system, a scenario that makes us very susceptible to chronic degenerative diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer's and more.



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